Podcast Inspiration Guide

When I was in the day to day of Stocksy, one of the most common questions I would get asked was "where do you find your inspiration?" All I could think in reaction was, I'm too busy working to have time to think about anything outside of Stocksy. Now on sabbatical, as I look to other people who I admire and/or am inspired by, I find myself curious about this very question that I once couldn't answer. As I take time to smell the flowers, here's a first list of my favourite podcasts. If you don't have a podcast app yet, I recommend Overcast.

As a creative, most of my life is taking in visual data and ideas, but when it comes to audio, its all about how can I learn something and expand my perspective, leaving my list somewhat surprisingly void of anything creative. With a limited time to absorb information, here's my drilled down list of the podcasts I'd never remove from my subscription:

All In The Mind

Jump into the mechanics of the mind and fine tune your ability to empathize to the diversity of minds and where we are all coming from. This is a great podcast that covers relevant topics, that are intriguing even if its not something you can personally relate to.

The Art of Manliness

Also a great website of practical topics, I first stumbled on AOM researching etiquette guides to family that I found much more relatable than traditional female focused sources. With gender expectations becoming more blurred, even the manly focused topics are still 10x more interesting than the garbage in women's rags.

The Dinner Party Download

I've been listening to this one for years. I love the format, and that each section gets you abreast on recent information without having to listen to everything you already know about. Top that with a playlist at the end by someone your respect. Bing.


I think this is one of the most common shared favourites among people I know. I spend too much time cross fact checking things I read on the internet, and this podcast has that built in.

Grammar Girl

Good writing is one of the most undervalued skills people should all be learning. Learn how to be more concise and articulate with this podcast. 

HBR IdeaCast

I love to listen to this one when I'm on long flights, to arrive at my next destination with pages of ideas to bring back to the business. 

The Infinite Monkey Cage

My favourite nerd podcast, and surprisingly underrated (and not well known in CAD/USA) given it has Brian Wilcox (swoon). One part physicist, one part topic expert, one part comedian and one part host, equals gold.

The Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast

If you love getting meta on topics, this podcast tears apart books I'll likely never read at a level, even if I did, I wouldn't consider, while covering topics that makes me better understand my existence and those around me.

Philosophy Bites

Our minds can often fail us, falling to illogical conclusions based on assumption. This podcast reminds me where I need to rethink my perceptions.

Recode, Decode

I often find this podcast teaching me how to be a better feminist, on topics I may lack perspective, with aspirational guests, no matter where you fall on the topic.

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff about stuff you never new you would want to know more about. The title pretty much covers it.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Whether it's better decision making, overcoming fear or accelerated learning (he speaks 10 languages), you do not have to be super-human to get super-human results.

We Study Billionaires - The Investor Podcast


Don't let the title turn you off. This isn't a douchy podcast for money obsessed people who want to be billionaires by Friday. Put more emphasis on the "study" in insightful dives into people, psycology and books that are related (sometimes incidentaly) to subjects of billionaires and how they enjoy life.

Physics World Science Podcast

Editors from Physics World talk to leading scientists and science commentators about cutting-edge physics research, science education and the cultural and political issues shaping the international scientific community