Trend Report 03

As a Canadian living on an island, sometimes I can completely forget there's a world outside of Victoria, BC. As of late, however, it feels like I'm not alone in a growing addiction to uncomfortably hitting refresh on news feeds. Many recent events do not just represent singular instances but bigger issues that require ongoing and important conversation. When considering topics in the stock industry, the news is an important narrative to inform what concepts, conversations and movements need to be covered to represent what's happening in the world and the ongoing need to improve how its represented to reflect positive change, (even when the concepts may feel challenging).

Gun Control

Regardless of your stance of the matter, gun control is in the forefront of minds. From teenage activists, regulations, political demonstrations, and what does America's 2nd Amendment represent?

Trade Wars

Protest Concepts

Space Exploration

Between Elon Musk, a new space hotel, discoveries in black holes and from CERN, innovation in space sciences and exploration is getting reinvigorated as a conversation topic.

AI Concepts

AI is a hot topic of the moment. What does the future have in store around the ethics of what we do with AI? Tech is obsessed contemplating with where AI is headed and the possible blurry lines of understanding around conciousness.

Ivory Trade & Animal Rights

Environmental Protection

Displaced Identities

Brianna Wettlaufer