My love of graphic design and creative direction is at the core of my approach as an executive. To this day, I remain hands on in working with design teams and volunteering for organizations to give them a design boost where funding might not permit the ability to hire an agency. It's been important for me to never become too detached from the needs and struggles of the design community, by experiencing things first hand... that, and I love it.


The Centre Of the Universe

Championing a love of science, exploration and discovery, I began working with FDAO to redesign their public outreach materials and branding in Victoria, BC.

Looking to expand and create more connection with students and science hobbyist, working with a Stocksy photographer and videographers to capture the "fun" and "experience" of visiting the observatory--at any age.

Left: 2018 poster design for Summer Star Party Saturdays


Serving on the Board of Directors, and as of 2018 taking on the Governance Chair role for VIATEC, supporting, working with and growing Victoria's amazing tech community is an opportunity I'm grateful to be able to be apart of.

Left: Discover Tectoria poster design, 2018

Designed for the youth audience to capture the creative and innovative side of tech, with the fun of interactive events.


In the early days of Stocksy, I worked as the designer for all marketing materials and oversight of user interface design and experience. Today, we have an amazing creative department leading the charge, but I still hop in from time to time to lend a helping hand when things get busy.